Our business

Pramex International, a subsidiary of BPCE International et Outre-mer, is the leading French consulting firm for international development and transactions, dedicated to medium and intermediate-sized businesses and #1 for managing foreign subsidiaries of small- and mid-caps.

With the support of Banques Populaires, Pramex International mission, since 1975, has been to advise and support business leaders in successfully developing their internationalization projects through two mainstays:

  • An integrated network of 17 subsidiaries with global coverage made up of more than 100 multicultural consultants;
  • A regional business oriented sales network in France that benefits from the local economic knowledge provided by the Banques Populaires network.

Pramex International professionals rely on a unique know-how offering solutions for each phase of the international expansion, from the definition of the strategy right through to its operational implementation, with a long-term approach which is key to our clients’ success.

Our clients benefit from 3 areas of expertise:

  • Corporate Finance : corporate finance advisory (acquisitions, disposals, equity restructuring)
  • Corporate Management : create and manage overseas subsidiaries
  • Public Funding : public financing for export, R&D and innovation

Each year, nearly 1000 small- and mid-sized businesses find in Pramex International a trusted advisor and partner, to develop and secure their investments abroad.

Our values

Glocal (global and local)

Originally a regional company, Pramex International has expanded to become a leading international consulting firm.
We are proud of our regional roots and maintain this proximity with our customers and our partners while operating in the world’s main markets.


Entrepreneurship is in Pramex International’s genes and our consultants are all inspired by this spirit.
We speak the same language as the business leaders we assist, we understand them and are therefore in the best position to advise them in their strategy.


Pramex International’s teams are composed of experts combining the technical skills and the in-depth specific knowledge of their countries that are needed to ensure the quality of our consulting services in international expansion. The results of quality surveys show the effectiveness of our organisation and of our processes.
Team Spirit

Pramex International is a company of a human size bringing together men and women from around the world to form a cohesive team. Our diversity is our richness, a true source of value-added, innovation and progress.

Pramex International emphasizes the sustainable international development of small- and mid-sized companies that the firm assists, because long-term internationalisation is the key to success.

Our ethical and CSR statement

” Building bridges between entrepreneurs from different areas and cultures is a daily reality for us.
The projects and talents of these women and men are the main engine of our development.
Let us work together with mutual respect for a sustainable and responsible growth”
André Lenquette, CEO

Pramex International is committed to serve the interest of the client with independence and professional care and in accordance with the best practices of management consultancy service providers (french Afnor and european standard) and ethical guidelines of our activity (Syntec). As an international management consultancy services provider and a subsidiary of a large banking group, Pramex International complies with the laws and regulations of countries where we provide services and is committed to a high standard in terms of compliance.

We draw our inspiration in our everyday work from five fundamental rules to reach professional excellence :

  • Expertise: we put the required skills at our clients’ disposal and develop them in investing in group and invdividual training. Our objective is to implement the more suitable methods to serve the interest of our clients in the most efficient way,
  • Transparency: by working together in a spirit of trust, we ensure that scope, timetable, cost and deliverable are clear and agreed,
  • Integrity: we implement required guidelines to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest. We agree to undertake only those projects, which we can reasonably expect to complete satisfactorily,
  • Advisory duty: as a consulting company we are systematically committed to this advisory duty towards our clients,
  • Confidentiality: non public information provided by our clients are considered to be confidential and necessary efforts are deployed to keep them confidential.

We are conscious of our societal responsibility and promote fair commercial practices with our clients and partners.
Pramex International gets involved in a CSR approach ( Corporate Social Responsibility) and acts on several axes:

  • Contributing to the sustainable development of our clients and offering innovative solutions: our teams provide support to SMEs and mid-tier firms to expand aborad, with the ambition of contributing to their sustainable development. Every year we challenge our staff on the evolution of our services in order to create global and local wealth.
  • Developing local synergies: as part of a partnership with the Paris Dauphine University a research economist carries studies out for us about the positive impacts on activity and employment of an international presence. Our experts also run conferences on international and country specific issues.
  • Supporting our employees in their personal development and promoting gender equality : Pramex International positions itself as a responsible employer and puts emphasis on gender equality with clearly defined objectives in terms of recruitment policy, personal development and professional-personal life balance. We also increase investment in training beyond legal requirements to help our employees to develop their expertise and to support them in their professional development.
  • Helping preserve our environment: a green action plan is put forward to raise team’s awareness and to minimize our environmental impact by following up our consumption. Partnership with rehiring firms have been set up, focused on paper and computer consumables systematic recycling.

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