Our areas of activity

Pramex International offers its clients its expertise, both in France and abroad, with respect to several types of operations marking the steps of a company’s life.
We work equally with entrepreneurs, family or publicly-owned corporations, and investment funds wishing to undertake corporate finance transactions.

Pramex International’s Corporate Finance teams provide their advice in the following business areas:

Acquisition advisory

As part of the development of a company in France and its expansion or strengthening abroad, Pramex International provides its expertise and its international network according to the need of each customer, the targeted acquisition, analysis of a business sector and/or detection of opportunities.

Financing advisory and capital restructuiring

For companies wishing to improve the financing of their growth, our team conducts placement operations and the reclassification of securities.

Sell-side advisory

Pramex International advises on majority shareholding divestiture, divestiture of assets and assigning business to subsidiaries.

Pramex International’s expertise enables it to optimise the corporate finance operations by implementing a relevant negotiating strategy, tailored to the company’s economic context, including financial engineering.