Pramex International and the University Paris-Dauphine (Economics Laboratory of Dauphine) established a research partnership in 2008 on the impact of international development of French companies and especially small and mid-caps on their performance. Mr Alexandre Gazaniol, a doctoral candidate of Paris-Dauphine University, has joined Pramex International as part of a CIFRE contract funded by the National Association of Technical Research, under the responsibility of Mr Frederic Peltrault, a lecturer at Paris-Dauphine University. Here are the results of the research conducted so far:

[New] BREXIT : Quelles conséquences pour les PME / ETI françaises au Royaume-Uni ?

La France compte plus de 800 entreprises présentes physiquement au Royaume-Uni à travers 1 361 filiales et, parmi elles, 861 filiales de PME et ETI (soit 63 % des filiales françaises au Royaume-Uni). Ces entreprises doivent-elles craindre une éventuelle sortie de la Grande Bretagne de l’Union Européenne (i.e. un « Brexit ») suivant le référendum du 23 juin ?

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The employees of SME’s and mid caps established abroad earn more

This study seeks to demonstrate that the employees of SME’s and medium sized companies who establish abroad earn more than an employee of an SME or medium sized company which exports or remains domestic. With this economic study, Pramex International establishes the link between setting up abroad and the wage levels…

Finding potential multinationals in the French industry

This study analyses the French domestic manufacturer which has the capabilities of investing abroad and estimates the impact on employment in France if they decided to go multinational.

Going multinational : an asset to achieve first-time innovation (in collaboration with the CAS)

This study carried out in collaboration with the Centre d’Analyse Stratégique (a think tank for the French government) establishes the link between French industrial companies setting up abroad and their degree of innovation. It appears that setting up abroad constitutes an efficient strategy for firms who wish to put in place an innovative procedure.

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Human Resources, key to the internationalisation of French companies (in collaboration with the CAS)

This study carried out in collaboration with the Centre d’Analyse Stratégique (a think tank of the French government) is interested in the role of human resources and employees qualification in French SME’s in their international development.

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Going multinational creates value in France

This study demonstrates that French SMEs investing in a presence abroad, export more from France than companies that are content to remain domestic.

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