Bpifrance and Pramex International have signed a partnership agreement to promote and facilitate external growth transactions by SMEs abroad.

As part of this agreement, Bpifrance will set up financing tailored to the needs of companies for their acquisition projects abroad. Bpifrance will also propose, in a non-exclusive way, to small and mid-caps that they benefit from the advice and assistance of Pramex International in conducting their transactions internationally.

Bpifrance, a public corporation, gives entrepreneurs the means for their development by financing their innovation and investment projects in France and internationally. Present throughout the country, Bpifrance provides them with the required advice and funding at all stages of their life cycle. Bpifrance collaborates closely with a network of European partners, both national and regional, to enable them to complete even the riskiest projects.


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Business France and Pramex International have placed their complementarity at the service of French small and mid-caps.

Pramex International is referenced as an officially approved service provider and its intervention follows on from Business Francefor international development services in the form of an external growth operation or in the creation and management of subsidiaries abroad.

Business France, the French Agency for the development of companies abroad, is organised into sectoral units in France and in its 80 offices abroad, in order to have a better understanding of the challenges of SMEs and offer them the best adapted export solutions, from the upstream strategy to implementation on the ground.

Each year over 20,000 businesses place their trust in Business Franceand over 7,000 V.I.E.s (International Business Volunteers) are assigned to 133 countries.

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Pramex International and the Economics Laboratory of Paris-Dauphine University (LEDa), which brings together all the economics teams of the University of Paris-Dauphine, have worked together since 2008 on the impact of the international expansion of firms on the economic fabric of France.

This partnership has led to the publication of several economic reports:

  • Locating abroad creates value in France
  • Locating abroad and employment potential in France
  • Locating abroad: an advantage for initial innovation (in collaboration with the Centre for Strategic Analysis)
  • Human resources, key to the internationalisation of French companies,

(in collaboration with the Centre for Strategic Analysis).

The LEDa is part of the Joint Research Unit “DIAL”, which is one of the main research players in development economics in France with internationally acknowledged scientific production.

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